Take a look! Evangeline’s Miracle is on the list!! Wish me luck!

Florida Writers Conference Blog

When the big event happens on October 20, these people will be the ones competing to take home the hardware. Becoming a finalist is an honor in itself, and we wanted to give them a moment in the sun for this great accomplishment. Please accept our virtual applause with great pride in work well done.

Millie Richmond Anderson, Hildy
Laura Andrews, Drowning
Laura Andrews, Eddie’s Tale Of Sarah Phelps
Randy Austin, Dark Side of The Mirror
Jessica E. Baker, Pisces
Susan Bartlett, Lights Out
Susan Bartlett, The Money Room
Monika Becker, Ursula and her Father
Monika Becker, The Premonition
George Bernstein, Trapped
George Bernstein, A Third Time To Die
Leona DeRosa Bodie, 8 Tips To Selling More Books
Leona DeRosa Bodie, The Old Man and The Moonlit Sea
Jeff Boyle, Nam World
Jeff Boyle, Euro Sky Hop
Daniella Brooks, Greedy
Lisa Buie-Collard, Evangeline’s Miracle
Frank Coombs, A Message to Santa…

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